About CR Construction (U.K.) Company Limited

CR Construction (U.K.) Company Limited (CRUK) was formed in 2018 and established in the United Kingdom. CRUK is a wholly owned subsidiary of CR Construction Group Holdings Limited, which is listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (Stock Code: 01582.HK). CR Construction Group has been associated with successful projects and numerous industry recognised awards with a turnover of approximately £500 million annually whilst our ultimate parent company, Zhejiang Construction Investment Group Co. Ltd with an annual turnover approximately £10 billion.

Our objective is to provide a wide range of services and construction solutions to public and private sector clients across the UK.

Our environment demands client-focused delivery, creativity, leadership, openness, personal growth and relationship building. We are forward thinking, and we offer solutions to the problems our clients face, and our managers are well known for identifying and building relationships with clients that will result in long term and repeat engagements. CRUK are looking to establish and manage a growth strategy with prospective and existing clients, to increase lead generation through selection and leverage and we will allocate organisational resources in order to generate contracts and build a secure pipeline.

Our Values

Fairness – We will ensure impartiality and fairness of our professional services and work in a supportive, responsive and co-operative manner with our partners to ensure the reduction of inequality. We seek to grow and balance environmental, social and economic value and strive to be a socially responsible business and employer, conducting our activities with consideration for the needs of local communities.

Diversity – We see diversity as, cultures, economies, communities and businesses. We support change that enriches and protects diversity. We constantly refresh our own diversity of thought, and we help clients understand, respect and manage the myriad of diversity they encounter.

Impact – We aspire to make a difference by inspiring and developing our staff and be a catalyst for leadership and innovation.

Change – We embrace change, and we help clients respond positively to market and cultural dynamics. We champion necessary change through our consulting and campaigning and strive to model the flexibility and tolerance change demands.


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